Jenna Lane Art
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About the Artist

Jenna Lane is a self-taught artist. Besides an introduction to art class in high school, she has learned only through practice and an occasional art book lying around.

Although she has always done art, she did not begin painting on canvas until college. She has works in both acrylic and oil. Her subjects are usually of people, particularly women, as it serves as a mode of expression of herself and her inner emotional life.

Jenna Lane's work has hung in Carroll Country's Women Center, she was accepted into an artist collective, and was published in the Carroll County Times for her artwork. 

While vending at an art market, Jenna began working on drawing caricatures of people walking by. As a social worker and counselor, part of the artistic process for Jenna Lane has always been getting to understand the subject as the person they are. Her caricature work captures the 'essence' of the person. 

While still in graduate school at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Jenna Lane also pursues art passionately. One of her life aspirations is to blend art with social advocacy and as a therapeutic source of expression for others.

So, the artistic purpose of Jenna Lane's art is to reach out to those observing the work and tap into powerful emotions that can awaken their unique perception and understanding of the world.