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Special Events Caricature Art

Caricature art by Jenna Lane is an excellent add-on to any special event! Your guests will love to see their essence captured in cartoon format! It will make your event unique and memorable, and give your guests something to take home with them as a souvenir to remember your special event.

Whether it be your wedding, graduation party, bar/ bat mitzvah, business picnic, birthday party, anniversary, or anything else, Jenna Lane's caricatures are sure to make your event memorable!

Caricatures are offered in black and white and color options. On this site are some examples of caricature work, done by Jenna Lane, to demonstrate the quality and professionalism of her work. 

Caricatures take between 5-10 minutes to complete (color caricatures take longer than black and white caricatures). Caricature artist offers mats to frame the finished product, and the mats can be customized and decorated for your specific event (ie fairy princess birthday theme, mat will match the theme!). 

Digital copies of the caricatures will be emailed to the client within one week.


Small events (up to 100) are $80.00 per hour. Medium events (up to 150) are $90.00 per hour. Large events (up to 200) are $100 per hour. Pricing Table pictured to the right on this page!


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